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Dispensing solder paste and SMD adhessives on a 3D-MID

Applying micro assembly processes on a 3D-MID substrate is a challenging task. The video shows how to apply dispensing solder paste and SMD parts on 3D-MID substrate. In order to reach all necessary points on the substrate it has been mounted on the 3D alignment support S-A3D by Häcker Automation. This is able to rotate and move the substrate in several directions as shown in Vid. 1. The process begins with the detection of fiducials on the substrate in order to calculate the position of the substrate within the coordinate system of the machine, which is a standard basis machine by Häcker Automation.

After processing the position detection, a dispensing process is conducted using contact dispensing. Here, two D-X30 by Häcker Automation has been applied to the machine in order to dispense solder paste and a SMD adhesive as well. The SMD adhesive is necessary for a first fixing of the SMD parts before soldering. In particular this is important when processing 3D-MID to ensure that the SMDs are kept in position while changing position of the substrate. Another important issue when conducting contact dispensing using a needle dispenser is to clean the needle after a defined time. This ensures a maximum quality of the dispensing results. The video shows the needle cleaning process after dispensing dots and lines on the substrate.

After the dispensing is done, the SMDs are mounted. After the mounting of the SMDs, usally a laser soldering process is used to achieve an electrical contact of the SMDs to the substrate.

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