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Automation – What does it mean?

According to the International Electronic Dictionary IEV, a process is said to be “automatic” if it “runs under specified conditions without human intervention” [1].

In micro assembly, the term automation therefore refers to the implementation of a manual production, which is often characterized by manual work, in a production process to be carried out independently by a machine. These machines are looked after by so-called operators as shown in the figure. The aim of automation is the optimisation of product quality and unit costs. In principle, every production process can be automated. However, a  study about product’s feasibility is required in order to give an estimation about the manufacturing plant’s profitability. Due to the diversity of product areas, automation in micro assembly has been so far characterized mainly by special purpose machines. These are expensive and usually only allow one product type. These disadvantages are solved with the latest modular and changeable machine concepts.


[1] IEV part: 351-42-30

Fig. Typical setup of machines for micro assembly application

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