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Available Devices for Direct Dispensing

In Order to realise direct dispensing, Häcker Automation has developed the direct dispensing unit DDU, which is shown in Fig. 1. The direct dispensing unit provides a defined and constant amount of material for the application on a component. In Fig. 2 the dispensing of SMD adhesive with a cross structure is shown. The component is still above the film.

This is guaranteed by the following features:

  • a specially shaped squeegee including material reservoir,
  • a rotational movement of the carrier material (foil) for a uniform material distribution,
  • a height adjustment of the squeegee for a defined layer thickness of the material,
  • creating a defined material shape on the workpiece using a customizable, vacuum-based relief mold under the substrate of the substance.
  • Definition of the structuring time of the carrier material (film) for partial and full-surface wetting


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Fig. 1 A direct dispensing unit

Fig. 2 direct dispensing of SMD adhesive with crosswise structured form tool

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