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Product Component Handling

In order to achieve full automation of the production, handling and transport systems are required to provide the product components to the high precision active alignment systems. The possibilities of the handling systems are very broad. The most often used system is a placer for conducting transport tasks and performing bonding processes in the accuracy range of above 5µm @ 3σ. These placers are high performance systems with respect to productivity aspects. Moreover, they can handle very broad varieties of components due to the possibility of automatically changing tools. Together with an automated transport system, the placers are mainly responsible for ensuring full automation of the production process and for producing SMD systems.

Beside clean room abilities of the production machine, the handling systems like placers or substrate supports can be responsible to ensure correct bonding conditions as well. For instance, they can provide a heating system for bonding the components at operating temperature in order to ensure highest accurate results, which is often necessary in laser light sources.

For achieving highest automation level of the process the selection of suitable material supply systems are very important. The possible systems ranging from wafer handling systems over tape feeder to waffle pack trays, which can be conveyed from the outside of the production machine. Moreover, the necessity of handling the substrate relative to processing systems can be achieved by using substrate handling systems which can move in six degrees of freedom. So, for example the dispensing of adhesives can be done in a vertical direction and the placing of the component on the dispensed adhesive can be conducted in horizontal direction.

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