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Pronto R2R – Process chain of high throughput 3D-MID assembling

The Vid. 1 shows an example of an inline solution for the handling of 3D-MID components. The process is a so called roll-to-roll process. The steps within the line are:

  1. unwinding the components using a tape-feeder and feeding it through the next steps
  2. die bonding of SMDs from a tape on the 3D-MID substrate
  3. separation of the 3D-MID from tape
  4. convection oven for the soldering process
  5. connection of 3D-MID to the tape
  6. rewinding the tape

This process was part of a research project named “PRONTO R2R”. The machines on which the process has been conducted are from HSG IMAT, Häcker Automation GmbH, Rehm Thermal. HSG IMAT provides the tape-feeder for the 3D-MID-tape whereas Häcker provides the die bonding machine. The thermal process has been provided by machines from Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH. The Video only shows the process until step 2. The thermal process is not depicted due to an unsufficient accessibility to the system.

The example process shows how a high throughput of 3D-MID assembling can be realized.

Vid. 1 Example process of a 3D-MID assembling line with high through-put capabilities

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